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What is holistic marketing and concept of Holistic Marketing


1. Holistic is an approach which proposes that marketing should be looked from a broad and integrated perspective

2. Holistic marketing takes care of individual customer requirements. This approach also considers all the stakeholders of a business including the customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, the community and the environment also.

3. Any marketing decision taken after considering all these stakeholders is called Holistic marketing.

There are four components of holistic marketing: 

Their are four major components of holistic marketing that are Relationship marketing, Integrated marketing, Internal marketing and Societal marketing/ Socially responsible marketing

1. Internal Marketing:

➞ Internal marketing is based on the theme that employees are the internal customers of a firm and their satisfaction is very important in order to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction.

➞ Internal marketing builds a skilled and self-motivated workforce and that every member of the organization properly understands the company’s marketing philosophy towards the customer satisfaction

➞ Internal marketing is also about maintaining co-ordination among various marketing functions and activities within the organization.

➞ There should not be any conflicts within the marketing department or between marketing and other departments because that would negatively affect external marketing also.

2. Integrated Marketing:

➞ Instead of deciding individual marketing activities, marketers must make integrated Integrated marketing program to create, communicate and deliver value for the customers.

➞ The aim of integrated marketing is to gain synergy out of all marketing activities and it is only possible when an integrated approach is adopted.

➞ It is basically about designing an effective integrated marketing mix. This must be executed well to get the maximum benefits of synergy.

3. Relationship Marketing: 

Relationship marketing is concerned with building long term relationships with various parties connected to a business including the customers, employees, suppliers, financial institutions, regulatory bodies, competitive firms and the society in general.

➞ Relationship marketing is about building relationships with all those who can affect the firm’s success.

The traditional selling approach where the customers and firm interacted only during sales is not acceptable in current environment.

➞ Today the firms need to maintain a regular contact and keep reminding of the brand to the customers. Repeat purchases by the customers demand a strong relationship with them. Relationship marketing suggests not only building relationships but also improving them over the time.

4. Societal Marketing/ Socially Responsible Marketing:

▶ Concept: According to societal marketing concpet, the organization’s task is to determine the needs, wants and interests of target markets (customers) and to deliver the desired satisfaction,more effectively and efficiently than competitors, in a way that the consumer’s and society’s well being is preserved and enhanced.

▶ Focus of Societal Marketing Concept: A marketing manger, in this area will incorporate social and ethical considerations into his marketing strategy. He will have to keep a balance among company’s profit, customer’s satisfaction and the public interest. The companies practicing such form of marketing are called to be having cause related marketing.

▶ illustration: Nokia practices societal marketing by recycling the used mobile phones. Many food products manufacturing companies give instructions to consumers on the packaging of the product regarding disposing off the plastic bags in dustbins and not in the environment because it might create pollution in the environment. This type of practice helps the society’s well being.


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