What are the things included in On-page SEO

Everyone who have create a website and writing post on your website they would have heard a word called "On-page SEO". In this post i will tell you what are the things that are involved in On-page SEO. So let's do this.

1. Title of the Post

The first important thing in on page seo is the title of the post. By the word title of the post means the usage of the main post keyword in the title of the post.

Example : i am writing a post on how to earn money online. Then the main keyword is the "earn money online" then you can write a title called "best way to earn money online" or "different ways to earn money online".

2. Description Paragraph 

The second thing which is included in On page SEO is the description paragraph. When we write a post we use many paragraph so they our post look nice and beautiful. So in the first paragraph which is the description paragraph your have to write a strong descriptive paragraph so that it can caught the audience retention.

This will increase the SEO score of your website and the particular post. And it will also increase the Bounce rate of your website and this is the main thing which will lead your audience to read the full post. 

3. The content

After you have written the description paragraph other thing which is included in On-page seo is the Content. Yes if your content is out-dated then no one will like to read your post.

4. Keyword Usage 

Other thing which is the most important thing in the On page seo is the Keyword usage . Yes the keyword usage will increase the SEO score of the post. The more your use the main keyword of the post in the content the more will be the seo score of your post.

5. Heading and Subheading 

Yes heading and subheading are also an important point of On page SEO. When you write a biog post if you divide the post into few parts and give them heading and subheading it is been said that it help to rank the post fast on Google

6. Tags of the post

Yes tags are the other important thing in On page SEO. When we have written a post we have to use the best tags related to that post which will help your post to rank well on Google.

7. SEO- Friendly Permalink 

After we have written a post we have to focus permalink because permalink is the most important factor of On page SEO. If you choose a permalink which is according to the content it help help the post to grow fast.

So This are the Few thing which are included in On-page SEO. If this post helps you out then share this post with your friends and i will see you all in the next post.

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