Bharatiya Janata Party Wins 2019 Lok sabha election Again !! NAMO Again

As the election 2019 has been over now. It's the Narendra modi who stormed everything. The lok sabha election 2019 was once of the most important election in the india history. The election 2019 was full of drama, excitement,Emotion.

Results of 2019 Lok Sabha Election

About the 2019 Lok Sabha election :

The lok sabha election 2019 was the record for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). As it was the biggest mandate for BJP Party as they went on to win the election on 303 Seats and the election 2019 mandate was the the biggest mandate since 1984 were Rajiv Gandhi went on to win 414 seats.

   What are the thing that help narendra modi to win in 2019 election 

1. Narendra modi itself 

Yes, One of the thing that worked out for narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the narendra modi itself because the personality the skills and the work that narendra modi have done in the last 5 years was the one of the best by any prime minister. That was the thing that worked for narendra modi in 2019 lok sabha election.

2. The answer that narendra gave to pakistan 

The second most important that help narendra modi to win 2019 lok sabha election was the answer that narendra modi gave to the pakistan. As everyone knowns 14 February was the bad day for indian army and for the india beacause our 40 indian army people were killed in the bomd blast which was done by pakistani terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed.

And for that attack narendra modi gave a very big answer with our air attacks in the pakistan which total paralyzed the Pakistan's terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed. That help narendra modi in 2019 elections.

3. No strong election candidate infornt of Narendra modi 

This is the one of the biggest thing that helped narendra modi in 2019 lok sabha elections. At one hand their was a monster candidate like narendra modi who was the biggest favourite in india and on the other hand their was no strong election candidate infornt of narendra modi. 

Which actually been the biggest reason for the narendra modi to win 2019 lok sabha elections.

So that's it from today's post and i will see you all in the next post. Jai hind vande mataram mera bharat mahan.