How To Redirect Your Old Domain To Your New Domain 2019 | HTML Tutorial

If you are one of that person who owns too many domain names but you use only few of them and you don't know what to do with this other domain then read this post till the end. I will show you how to create a html redirector  to redirect the other domain to your domain's which you use.

Follow the steps given below :

1 . Create a blogger account :

First you have to create a blogger website because with the blogger it will be very easy. Create the account by going here . After you have create the blogger website follow the second step .

2. Connect the domain which you are not using : 

after you have create the blogger website connect the domain which you are not using or which are not useful for you . To connect the domain to blogger follow this steps .

3. Create the html redirector :

For this step you need the basic html skill . But what now if you don't know html skill because you reading this post because you know i will fully help you . Just simple copy the code given in the box below. 


4. Integrate the code in the theme :
Now you have copied the code you have to integrate the code in blogger . To integrate the code in blogger in the blogger dashboard select the option Called "Theme'' and scroll down untill you see a option called "Revert to classic theme" and again click on "revert to classic theme" . And you will see the blogger theme coding you have to click " Ctrl+A" to select all the coding and delete the coding and paste the code which you just copied and theme click on "save theme". 

And that's it you have made a html redirector for you main website or main domain .
Watch this video for a particle knowledge .

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. What will this do ?

This will bring all the traffic from that domain which you have connected in blogger to the website which you have entered in the html code. This will help you to increase the traffic on the website which you have entered in the html code.

2. why should i do this ?

This will increase the traffic on your main website and help you to get a better rank on google very fast and easily .

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