Top .Gov and .Edu Dofollow Backlink Websites for SEO

As everyone knows if you get dofollow backlinks from .gov and .edu website you will easily get a better rank in google very fast . So read this post till the end if you want to rank fast on google in No time . So let's do This .

* frequently asked question *

1. What are .Gov and .Edu Websites ?

.gov are the website that are of the government official Like chife minister website would be like . And .edu Website are the website that are been made by a educational institution.

2. Why should we use .gov and .edu Website for backlinks ?

The reason why we should use .gov and .edu website for backlinks because .gov and .edu have a very high Domain authority and High page authority. Due to having high Domain authority and High page authority if you get backlinks from .gov and .edu website this will bring a high amount of traffic to your website and this backlink will also help you to get a high rank on google very fast and easily.

Top .gov and .edu website to get dofollow backlinks :

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