How do I write my first blog post ?

As you know writing a post on website is very easy when we look at one side of write a post but as we look on the other side  of writing a best blog post its very difficult to right a good blog post. Writing a good blog post involves many things that i will tell you in the later parts of this post.

1. Keyword Research or Keyword planning :

The first and the important part of a writing a good blog post is to have a good and enough keyword research . Keyword research means to know which keyword is trending and have more traffic .

2. Writing and Grammar skills :

Yes, writing a good blog post also involves good writing and grammar skills. if you are grammar skill is very weak then their is you will never be able to write a good blog post because you write post to give information to other if other's don't understand what you are writing then your post is simple dumped by the visitors and he will find some other post . 

even if you have written a good post if you have common grammar mistake then no one will read you post . So the writing and grammar skill is other important part of writing a good blog post. you can use grammarly to improve you grammar skills .

3. Good introduction paragraph :

Yes, this is also an important thing when you want to write a good blog post . When you start the post the main thing is intro paragraph in the intro paragraph your visitor should get 70% idea on which topic you have written the post and this paragraph should be very attractive to read so that your visitor should stick with reading the main topic.

4. Usage of images :

This is also a very important thing when you are writing a post because some time some peoples don't understand the content that is been writing due to usage of hard words so at that time images helps visitor to understand the content taht is been written .

So that usage of the correct image will be very help for visitors to understand the topic and it will also help visitors to be engaged in the post because no one like to read only texts so using image it will also entertain the visitors. 

5. Correct keyword placement :

Next most important thing is the correct keyword placement . As you start writing the content of the post you should you the maximum keyword placement means you should use the main topic/keyword maximum time that you can use.

Example : Think that you keyword is " How to earn money online '' . This is your keyword you should use the keyword 5 to 7 times in a paragraph. Which can help to to increase the seo of the post .

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