Prohibited Content that can lead you to adsense disapprove.

As everyone knows when is comes to earn money online the simplest and easiest way to earn money online is Through Google Adsense . Likewise to make a website write some unique post get approval from Adsense and earn lor of money but that not it. Their are some content policies that can lead you to Adsense disapprove on Website .So let's look at some of the Prohibited Content that can lead you to adsense disapprove.

1. Adult Content 

you heard it right if you have an website related Pornography,sexually abuse or anything like that means you will never ever get adsense approval on your Website. Because Adsense have clearly mentioned that google want a safe and clean advertising ecosystem . Adult content are strictly Prohibited .

2. Adult theme in Family Content 

Yes, Adult theme in family content . This mean example : You have a comedy channel on YouTube you make video on prank and use abusive language and vulgarity . Then you will never get adsense approval .

3. Dangerous Content

Dangerous content are also prohibited on adsense like Suicide , Harming oneself or another person, Content that effect the religious belief , Wrong words on nationlity , usage on adusive language on holy peoples and books . This content are Strictly prohibited by the Google adsense.

4. Hacking and cracking content

Google advertisements may not be set on pages that advance any type of hacking or cracking. Hacking and cracking content will be content that gives clients directions or hardware that messes with or gives unapproved access to programming, servers, or sites. This type of content is strictly prohibited.

5. Pages that offers compensation programs

Google advertisements may not be set on pages that guarantee installment or motivating forces to clients who click on advertisements, surf the web, read messages, or perform other comparable undertakings. Setting Google advertisements on such pages may result in invalid impressions or clicks and is in this way denied. Additionally, Google advertisements may not be set on pages that essentially direct people to, advance, or give instructional materials on the most proficient method to actualize such administrations.

Their are many more Prohibited content but this are the main things that can you to adsense disapprove .

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