How to rank your new website #1 on google 2019

Hey guys everyone want to rank their website first on Google #1. But no one Knows how to rank #1 on google . So read this post and you will be able rank #1 on Google.

1. Visit Google site :

The step 1 is to visit Google site and Create a very easy site on google site .This is the google official Product which will let you create a easy website for free .

2. Write post on Google site :

This is a very simple step copy and paste the same post from your main website . when write post on google site you will have to just write the title and the thumbnail of the post and then add a button from the right side side and name it as ''Read more'' and give the main post link in the read more button. or you can also right full post and add the link the main post link in the google site post. which will give you a High Quality Dofollow Backlink to grow your main website.

 You would have some question in your mind 


Because when you will right the post on google site and this site will give you a high quality DoFollow link . Which will help you to rank higher on google. and domain authority and page authority of the google site is also very high see in the pic below

2. how much is the traffic on ?

The monthly traffic of the is above 220 million . which doesn't mean you will get not get 220 million but will get upto 1000 visitor per day on you main website due to

3. Will this really help me to grow my website ?

Yes, if this doesn't works then you can make videos on me and give bad words to me i will not do nothing . But this is the only way i have grown my website   15 days my alexa ranking is 18,449,995 in just 15 day if you thing is not true i have leaved in the domain age and alexa rank screenshot below .

Domain age :

Alexa rank

4. What is your daily traffic on this website with the ?

If you didnot understand then watch this full video tutorial given below .

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